MR3 helps to monitor, predict and prevent diabetic foot ulcers using its proprietary medical device,TempTouchTM. This FDA cleared and clinically trialed device instantly detects small increase in skin temperature at key points on the sole of the foot which may indicate ulcer formation in its early stages. This in-home monitoring service can help save patients the pain, trauma and signifcant medical costs associated with the long term care of diabetic foot ulcers, which may ultimately lead to lower extremity amputations (LEAs). This is achieved through:

  • Structured monitoring service which enables payers to provide quality care and achieve substantial savings.
  • Proprietary methodology which  provides timely feedback for providers. Monitor + Report +  Respond + Remediate = MR3. 
  • Patented clinical tools which enable diabetic patients to self-monitor foot temperatures daily.
  • Clinically recognized solution developed by leading researchers in the industry.

MR3 Health partners with payers and clinical providers to help their patients maintain their daily monitoring. Individuals who use our device daily, as it was intended, experience significant reduction in foot ulcers (see testimonials). As the Chief Medical Officer of one large health insurer recently put it, “MR3’s service replaces what is missing in patients with diabetic neuropathy- real-time daily feedback about the status of their feet when the sensation of pain is missing.”

How it works:





Dr. Kevin Higgins talks about the prevention benefit of TempTouchTM.



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