Dr. George Smith, MR3 Vice President of Medical Affairs, describes the importance of daily temperature monitoring to compensate for the loss of pain as an early warning indicator. Early diagnosis, using MR3’s service, and preventive treatment offer the best chance foot ulcers and complications leading to amputations.


Dr. George Smith talks about reducing costs of care and improving quality of life using MR3’s service.


Dr. Lawrence Harkless describes TempTouchTM as the “Stethoscope of the Foot”, the indispensable tool for daily monitoring to prevent foot ulcers. Ulcers are prone to complications, frequently including the secondary infections which can lead to amputations.


Dr. Kevin Higgins describes how TempTouchTM works and using it for daily monitoring. Among diabetics, forty to fifty percent will suffer a wound or ulceration at some point in their lives.


Dr. Kevin Higgins says daily monitoring with TempTouchTM offers peace of mind for both himself and his patients since ulcers can flare up unexpectedly between office visits.


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