MR3 is addressing a source of high medical costs and at the same time solving an unmet clinical need for diabetic patients. We also provide a low-risk, high-reward investment opportunity based on a recurring revenue business model and a market size estimated at $2 billion. Increasing regulatory constraints and rising medical costs make cost avoidance a strategic focus for health insurance payers in maximizing their bottom lines. MR3 helps insurers achieve those savings by avoiding repetitive wound care and lower limb amputations for diabetics.

Our initial target market is Medical Groups who are contracted for the at-risk Medicare Advantage population. We can offer a significant benefit to these groups which will very quickly impact their bottom-line.

Our service-oriented business model distinguishes us from other healthcare companies addressing prevention in diabetic patients.

The fact that we are already in the market, not requiring a large capital infusion to get to that stage, makes us very attractive to today’s investors.

Having a seasoned management team is another factor which places us in a position for success.


Kris Knopf introduces the MR3 value proposition.


Learn more through our investor updates below.

  • MR3 Health was recently featured in the Rivard Report, a leading San Antonio publication covering business, science, culture and current events.
  • Linda Elliott, President of Elliott Connection, LLC,and driving force behind Healthcare Think Tank, hosted an October investor luncheon at MR3 headquarters. Attendees included several prominent figures in the San Antonio area business and investment world.  Existing patents, an FDA cleared medical device, outcomes substantiated by clinical trials, and the potential for recurring revenue make MR3 a unique investment opportunity in today’s market.
  • Leading mobile health technology blog, MHealthSpot, interviews President Stan Marett about MR3’s unique remote monitoring/disease management capabilities in the prevention of diabetic foot ulcers and lower limb amputations for high-risk diabetics. Read the full interview here
  • MR3 Health gained national media exposure with a story in MedCity News, a leading online source on the latest in healthcare technology, new companies trends and policy. Read the full story here!
  • Dr. Lawrence Harkless, Founding Dean of the College of Podiatric Medicine, Western University, and a leading authority on the diabetic foot and amputation prevention comments on the science and fundamental value of dermal temperature monitoring to reduce ulcers in patients with diabetic neuropathy,“Because patients with Diabetes have lost the gift of pain due to Neuropathy, Paul Brand taught us that an area at risk for ulceration will heat up before it breaks down.  Hence, several prospective studies have demonstrated that temperature monitoring reduces ulceration in high risk patients.  I believe that temperature monitoring is the stethoscope of the foot and ulcer prevention.”Daily temperature monitoring of the diabetic foot is the core of MR3’s service solution and our mission of saving lives and lowering the cost of healthcare.

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