MR3 Health Featured on Startups San Antonio

MR3 Health has been featured in an article on Startups San Antonio, a website devoted to the ever- growing number of STEM startups (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) in the Alamo City. Remote patient monitoring is increasingly recognized as the smart way to manage chronic patients without the constant stream of office visits. As MR3 president, Stan Marett, says, “Providers constantly tell us they need help in managing their high-risk patients.Remote patient monitoring is emerging as a way to improve healthcare outcomes while reducing costs.

MR3 Health’s home health monitoring service allows patients to use a cellphone app and a simple temperature device to direct foot temperature readings to the company’s cloud-based server daily. The sensor tracks temperature on 12 points of interest on the sole of each foot using an algorithm to to calculate the minute changes that signal a temperature increase. Only temperature change can indicate the  subcutaneous inflammation which is the precursor to a developing diabetic foot ulcer (DFU) making early intervention possible.Quoting the Startups article, “In-home monitoring generates big data which healthcare professionals can leverage to produce personalized patient insights and predictive healthcare interventions.”

The predictive value of the company’s service was emphasized by David Reyes, Executive Director of UPSA ACO, “Taking the guesswork out of foot temperature readings is a smart way to improve patient outcomes. You’re not guessing at whether there is an inflammatory process that’s started because you have objective temperature data that you can track over time.”